In addition to healthy teeth, many people now also want whiter teeth. Discolouration of teeth is partly a natural process that progresses as people age. Some medications also contribute to discolouration because they enter the bloodstream. Those who want whiter teeth naturally would do well to avoid red wine, cigarettes, darker types of tea and chemically-processed colouring agents. In addition, good oral hygiene is important, as are regular visits to the dentist and a session with the oral hygienist two to three times a year. Effective cleaning, rinsing and use of interdental sticks, when necessary, also play a role. Dentist Khashayar Zeray does not like whitening toothpastes. ‘They usually have an abrasive effect on the enamel,’ he says. ‘The enamel is damaged, making teeth appear whiter visually, but they also become more sensitive. Combined with our current eating habits, which include the consumption of many acids and sugars, this can lead to irritation.’ What people should avoid in any case in the battle against discolouration, says Zeray, is to buy dental bleaching products on the internet. ‘You never know exactly what you are buying and it could cause serious problems with your enamel and gums.’



White but not sensitive

Does that mean you need to accept your yellow or brown teeth? Dentist Zeray searched extensively for a product that makes teeth whiter without increasing sensitivity. ‘I opted for PrevDent, a product with a combination of hydrogen peroxide and Nano-hydroxyapatite.’ ‘Orthopaedic surgeons know the latter substance because of its effect in strengthening bones after orthopaedic treatments. Following scientific research, PrevDent patented it for use in dental bleaching. The unique characteristic of Nano­hydroxyapatite is that it is retained in the enamel and dentine. It adds minerals to the teeth which makes them stronger and prevents sensitivity. We know that 68 per cent of people experience sensitive teeth. With this product, you kill two birds with one stone: bleaching teeth and offering a solution for sensitive teeth.



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