Cosmetic dentistry

This focuses primarily on the front teeth. A beautiful, radiant smile is very important in daily life. The position, shape and colour of teeth play an important role in this.


We have various options available:

 Porcelain crowns

If a tooth has been weakened by root canal treatments or a large filling, for example, a crown is the best solution. This is essentially nothing more than a porcelain cap that is fitted over the tooth. By removing a small amount of dental tissue, space is created for the porcelain, allowing the colour, position and shape of the tooth to be altered professionally. The advantage is that the tooth is strengthened with a colourfast and durable material.


In this process, a layer of the tooth structure is removed along the front of the tooth only and replaced with a layer of porcelain. The advantage of veneers is that a superb result can be achieved with the removal of a relatively small amount of dental tissue.

 White fillings

Bad, discoloured fillings often spoil the appearance of your teeth. The quality of the new generation of composites is such that a high level of perfection can be achieved. This produces invisible repairs with an outstanding aesthetic result.


Home bleaching

Home bleaching is a relatively simple way of brightening the teeth and molars a few shades in colour. We give you two customised bleaching trays, which you fill with bleaching gel and keep in your mouth for a number of hours a day for two to three weeks. Naturally, this depends on the level of bleaching required, we monitor you between bleaching sessions. The trays can be used repeatedly. If you wish to bleach your teeth again, you only need to collect the bleaching gel from us. This is always done in consultation with the dentist. Excessive bleaching is unadvisable.



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